Why Us?

We are dedicated to making being a fan more accessible. By donating with us, you are helping make that possible.

Donators have the ability to donate sporting apparel and equipment for us to sell at minimal and affordable prices. We have pledged to donate 100% of our profits to the Henrik Lundqvist Foundation.

We try and make donating with us quick and easy. Once you contact us, we will store and manage the merchandise. For nearby donators, we offer a pickup service. Contact us at contact@jrgsports.com, to see if you are eligible. If you are not in an eligible region, contact us and we will work out a plan for you to ship the donation to us. We also host local donation drives.

For early notice about drives and updates on our progress, please consider joining our email list.

Have Questions or want to donate? Contact us here:

Looking for a Specific Contact?

General: contact@jrgspors.com | Business: business@jrgsports.com

Founder: jgreene@jrgsports.com | Co-Founder: jgasparro@jrgsports.com